Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation Sino-German Training Class (Phase I) Held by Sichuan Province Secondary Vocational Demonstration

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-09-16

In order to deeply implement the National Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan and the Chengdu City Education International Development Special Planning (2013-2020), the College surrounds the overall strategy of Chengdu City of “reform and innovation, transformation and upgrading” and the target positioning of building the core growth pole of western economy and constructing a modern international metropolitan. Our department’s Industrial Robot Application and Maintenance Major is approved to be the “Model Professional Construction Project of Secondary Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province” in July 2018. By taking this demonstration professional construction as an opportunity, our department invited well-known experts from German Christiani Group to carry out training in the university in the afternoon of July 8, 2019. The purpose was to introduce international advanced teaching philosophy and professional skills and build a domestic first-class and western leading international team of teachers.


General Manager of Chinese Representative Office of German Christiani Group Wang Suyan, the invited expert Siegfried Korndorff and the leadership team members of the Electrical Department participated in the opening ceremony. Li Hang, the dean of the department, gave a welcome speech and required all participating teachers to cherish the opportunity, calm down their minds, study hard, and persist in “learning, learning, and learning” with a tireless spirit, and persist in “improving, improving, and improving” with a pragmatic style. Summarize the practice, apply what have been learned, timely summarize the knowledge that has been learned, and apply the content learned to daily teaching, research, curriculum construction and other aspects, speed up project construction, smoothly build the Industrial Robot Application and Maintenance Major into the first batch of demonstration (specialty) majors in Sichuan Province and help the intelligent manufacturing professional cluster development of the whole province even the entire western region.

(Chengdu Industry and Trade College News  Submitted by Rail Transit Department)  From June to August, 2019, the College, together with the International Training Center of China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd., held the three international training classes for Asian and African rail transit officials. Since 2018, in order to connect with the industry, serve the society and the Belt and Road Initiative, build a high-quality rail transit major group one of the four major groups of the College and improve the professional international communication service ability, the Rail Transit Department took the lead to cooperate with the International Training Center of China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co., Ltd. to jointly develop international training courses and cultivate bilingual trainers. So far, it has trained nearly 100 rail transit officials from three continents.



This year, as the rail transit comprehensive training center is completed and put into use, based on last year’s cooperation, the Rail Transit Department further developed and adjusted the international training courses, forming three categories of international training courses with the characteristics of Chengdu Industry and Trade College, including courses of training mode of rail transit talents, immersive experience driving simulation, AFC (automatic far collection) system maintenance courses and Chinese craftsmanship spirit and traditional culture courses, which introduces the Chengdu Practice of training talents of urban rail transit major group to the world.



On June 28, the officials of the Railway Construction Department and Education Department from seven Asian or African countries, including Bangladesh, Egypt and Ethiopia, came to the College for training. On July 31, the officials of the Integrated Rail Transit Planning and Construction Management Department of Ghana came to the College for training. On August 3, the officials of Railway Development Department of Egypt came to the College for training.


The Rail Transit Department organized 15 teachers from 4 majors to participate in the training, and organized more than 30 students as teaching assistants and volunteers to provide services for the trainees. 4 sets of virtual simulation software were used in the output courses, and the students' satisfaction was 100%.


    It is worth mentioning that in the process of international training, the Rail Transit Department has trained a group of double-professionally-titled teachers with bilingual teaching ability through the training. The courses of characteristic rail transit talents training mode and simulated driving experience courses by Yang Lijun, AFC maintenance course by Zeng Li, and Chinese traditional culture course by Zhou Yanyan were all presented in English and in real scene, which are well received by students. As teaching assistants and volunteers in the international training process, the students of the Rail Transit Department showed good mental outlook and talent cultivation quality of our College.



Through such international exchanges and trainings, our College has exported China's vocational education concept and training mode of rail transit talents to the countries along the "Belt and Road" and countries with rail transit projects constructed by China, which has laid a solid foundation for the cultivation and output of highly skilled talents in operation and management after the projects are completed in the host countries.

       At the end of August, our College will hold two international training classes, including a training class for Latin American rail transit officials.