Gothenburg Technical College visited for International Cooperation

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-04-09


     On the afternoon of October 17th, Ewa Ekman, president of Gothenburg Technical College, Anna Cato Moe, head of International Projects, and Feng Yu, manager in charge of school- enterprise cooperation in Chengdu from Volve Car Group visited our college to discuss international cooperation projects. Zhuang Yonghui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Inspection Committee attended the meeting. Members from relevant departments also participated, including the Department of Automotive Engineering, the Administrative Office, and the Enrolment and Employment Office.

     At the meeting, Zhuang Yonghui, on behalf of the college, extended a warm welcome to the delegation from Gothenburg Technical College, and made a general introduction about our colled. He said that at the time that Chengdu has been building up as a world cultural city, our college adhered to the principles of “innovating by opening up and communicating” and attached great importance to international exchange and cooperation, and thereby looked forward to in-depth cooperation with the Gothenburg Technical College.

    The two parties held detailed discussions on cooperative issues and agreed on initial directions of cooperation. First, to establish China-Sweden Automobile Training Base in Chengdu that students can be recommended to do internship practice in local cooperative enterprises; second, to carry out exchange and short-term visits for students and training programs for teachers; third, to prepare joint skill competitions for related projects.


The Gothenburg Technical College is the joint venture between Volvo Car Group Headquarters and the Gothenburg Government. It is a leading pioneer in the development of Swedish skill training in the fields of industrial technology education and vocational education that delivered a large number of engineers and technical personnel to the Volvo Car Group and other world-renowned enterprises.


Before the meeting, President Ewa Ekman and his delegation, visited the training base of the college and enjoyed the tea performances from the students.