2018 Seminar on Railway Planning and Construction Management for B&R Countries Held in Chengdu Industry and Trade College

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-04-09


    On the afternoon of September 15th, 43 officials from 13 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America attended the 2018 seminar on railway planning and construction management for the “Belt and Road” countries. Three theme courses, namely “Training Mode for Rail Transit Personnel”, “Application of Informatization Technology in Personnel Training” and “Chinese Tea Culture”, were prepared by the Department of Rail Transit, the Department of Economics and Trade, and the Department of Information Engineering. Besides, all the participants visited the newly-built comprehensive training center in the Department of Rail Transit Training Center, which provides students with a practical and vivid course in both education and culture.


    Participating in the international exchange training program for rail transit is an important response to the national “Belt and Road” initiative and to accelerate the construction of rail transit, one of the “four major professional groups” of our college. Led by the Rail Transit Department, it is closely cooperated with the Training Center of China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group CO, LTD, which sets up a platform for international exchanges. It exploratorily built up an integrated system in curriculum output, cultural interconnection and conceptual communication, which formed a pioneering practice of rail transit talent training with characteristics of our college and Chengdu, so as to be introduced abroad to the world.


     At 14:00, the officials arrived at the college. Firstly, they experienced the profound charm of Chinese tea culture in the tea room by making oolong tea by themselves, and they got in touch with Chinese culture, especially the culture of Chengdu under a pleasant environment of tea fragrance. Subsequently, they arrived at the newly built rail transit comprehensive training center, where 15 students from the Chengdu Metro class of the rail transit department made a standard teaching presentation on the urban track operation management and guided the participants to experience the driving simulation and station controlling. The professional and smart training center as well as the friendly smile and professional display of the students left a deep impression on the trainees. Finally, Mr. Yang Lijun, a teacher of Department from Rail Transit, and Mr. Zhu Kexi, a teacher from the Department of Information Engineering, delivered a lively and practical theme course to the students.