2018 Seminar on Comprehensive Transportation & Traffic Management for English-Speaking African Countries jointly held with International Training Cent

Author: This Station Source: News Center Date: 2019-04-09

    Jointly held by our college and the International Training Center of China Railway Erju Group Corporation, the grand opening of 2018 Seminar on Comprehensive Transportation & Traffic Management for English-Speaking African countries was held on August 18th. 37 officials in the transportation management sector from African countries, including Egypt, Zambia and South Sudan, participated in the training.


    Under the implementation of China’s "Belt and Road" initiative, our college actively responds to the call of government, and always adheres to the guidance of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era that proposed by President Xi Jinping. At the same time, we attach great importance to the industrial layout of the cities and provinces, optimize professional curriculum and talent training target as well as teaching and scientific research in the college. Meanwhile, other implementation has been carried out in our college, including deepening the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and strictly working toward the goals from the provincial party committee that "to establish a high-quality city that fully embodies the new development concept by keeping one leading center with several strong branches, coordination between five districts, development in all-round directions, and achieve an opening development". The college is at the forefront of the accomplishment in terms of the training of highly skilled personnel and the inheritance and development of China's extraordinary traditional culture.


    For this training, the college has arranged a rich and various course curriculum. After the study, all participants have enriched their experience both by visiting the new rural construction in the Zhanqi village and cooking delicious Sichuan cuisine in the Sichuan Cuisine Museum. Our college has worked out a high-skilled personnel training model to discuss international talent training methods with the participants. In addition, a traditional Chinese tea art class has been arranged for all trainees to feel the difference between Chinese and Western cultures. Everyone said that it’s a wonderful experience to appreciate the excellent Chinese traditional culture, especially the special charms of that in Chengdu, the city of abundance, and simultaneously had a brand-new understanding about the high-skilled talents training. Some representatives of the officials said that they hope that all the trainees will be able to take what they have learned back to their country, and to adopt the knowledge in the field of transportation management system.


    The success of this training program laid a solid foundation for international exchange under the “Belt and Road” Initiative and set a training model of highly-skilled personnel.